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Product Overview
EventDayInfo.com is an easy to use, customizable website builder with the most comprehensive tools to meet the needs of the event organizer. EventDayInfo.com will become the focal point for information for sponsors, supporters, volunteers and staff on the Event/Charity Information Page.
EventDayInfo.com will automate Communication Management through a powerful database and email management system. Online Registration and Payment will save staff and volunteers hours of clerical time that can now be better used for fundraising efforts.
EventDayInfo.com includes a personal Calendar feature that will enable all website users to organize their schedules and be aware of important dates. Photo Gallery can be used to host video or pictures of the event and the participants or about the charity that visitors will look forward to viewing.
EventDayInfo.com can be a major fundraising vehicle through the Banner Advertising and Online Auction features. Banner Advertising is provided for on the right side of the page and is loaded dynamically selecting sponsors randomly from the database each time the user clicks on a new page. This "best in class" technology enables you to acquire an unlimited number of sponsors unlocking significant revenue potential.
The Online Auction feature is the centerpiece of this website. Fundraising cannot be made easier by populating the online auction database with an unlimited number of items that can be promoted to your database simply using the tools provided for from the Communications Management feature. Buy Now is an option that is also available where we set the price and anyone who wishes to purchase it may do so without the auction process. This is a particularly attractive feature for multiple items that have tremendous value, where multiple buyers can be found thereby increasing the revenue potential for that item.
Auction Services are provided by EventDayInfo.com providing you with 20 – 500 auction items for both event day auctions at dinners or golf tournaments as well as for the online auctions/buy now promotions conducted through your customized EventDayInfo.com website.
Any fundraising event can now be enhanced through an onsite silent auction table EventDayInfo.com can provide you with a turnkey solution including staff to set-up operate and collect payment on your behalf. An auction item listing can be sent to participants and their family and friends through the Communication Management tools promoting the auction and thereby insuring that attendees will be prepared to bid. You can even begin the auction online a week prior to the event and have the auction end at a pre-determined time at the event allowing for both online and onsite bidding.
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