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Auction Feature
An EventDayInfo.com customized website comes with Auction and Buy Now technology that is ‘’best in class’’ to enhance your fundraising efforts. This feature can be utilized in conjunction with an onsite auction and fundraising event or as a stand alone program promoted and conducted completely online.
Using the online auction function can add significantly to your fundraising efforts at any time of the year. Start your silent auction in advance of your golf event to produce greater exposure and potential bids. Promote additional auctions in the off season, perhaps prior to Christmas, to raise additional funds for your events charity. Your auction is ready to go as soon as your site is operational. Take advantage of the items supplied by EventDayInfo.com to supplement other items you have collected for your event. The real time online auction will create traffic to your events’ site, elevate your event profile and enable you to stay in touch with your database of supporters and sponsors all year round.
Sample Online Auction
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